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Welcome to http://cdctl.sourceforge.net/.  The current version of cdctl is: 0.15

cdctl is a utility to control your cd/dvdrom drive under Linux.  cdctl can do many things, such as:

-a     --pause         pAuse the cdrom currently playing
-bS    --speed=S       Ask the drive to spin the disc at speed S
-c     --close         Close the cd tray if possible
-dD    --disc=D        select Disc D for a cd-changer
-e     --eject         Eject the cd, cd tray, or cd cartridge
-g     --getstatus     Get and print type/status of the cd in the drive
-h     --help          print this Help message
-i     --iso-header    print interesting Iso 9660 header data
-k     --capabilities  Print out all the things your drive can do
-l     --list          List the entire table of contents
-m     --mcn           print MCN (or UPC) of the cd in the drive
-oA    --lockdoor=A    lOck or unlock the eject button
-pT    --play=T        Play track T
-r     --resume        Resume playing
-s     --stop          Stop playing
-tT    --tocentry=T    print the Table of contents entry for track T
-uA    --automount=A   set aUtomount bits to A
-vV    --volume=V      set Volume to V
-V     --version       print Version
You can get more information about cdctl on the cdctl project page on sourceforge.  Please send comments to thalakan@users.sourceforge.net.

We could also use translators to translate the documentation and output messages into various languages; it's really simple, and only takes a few minutes of your time.  It's a nice way to give back to cdctl if you find it useful.
Copyright © 2000 Jason Spence.  Parts © 1999-2000 VA Linux Systems, Inc.  Comments to  thalakan@users.sourceforge.net